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  • Mediaeval Finland - Unveiling Finland's mediaeval secrets
  • Dark and Light - Winter paradise between day, night
  • Finlandia - the most widely known of all the compositions of Jean Sibelius. Most people with even a superficial knowledge of classical music recognise the melody immediately.
  • Aurora Borealis - this rather speaks for itself.
  • Who's afraid of Finnish? - Finnish has a notorious reputation for being a difficult language.
  • Finnish Names - The Finnish language in general is regarded as difficult, and Finnish names have an exotic ring to them.
  • Active Map of Finland - Each little icon takes you even further into the wealth of Finnish
  • Johan Vilhelm Snellman - one of the most influential architects of Finnish society
  • information!

Click here for Helsinki South Harbor and surroundings by webcam:

Finnish Painting

© The National Museum of Finland

In the struggle to defend autonomy, depictions of the lion of Finland, pictures of an anonymous maiden personifying Finland, and the colours blue and white were important instruments of propaganda. Edvard Isto's painting of the maiden, seen defending the book of Finnish law, became known throughout the country in spite of official attempts to prohibit its display. The two-headed eagle, emblem of the Russian imperial house, excellently symbolised the powers of darkness.

How Finland Leads The World In Education

The overall performance of Finnish school students has gained them a worldwide reputation, and has proven that the country's education system is successful.

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The Philippines!

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All About the Philippines!

History of the Philippines
Some seriously interesting facts, a must read!


Philippine Phish!
(OK, so that wasn't very original.... :)

Mandarin Fish on Dauin reef in the Philipines

And an awesome Google map of the terrain of the Philippines:


Weather in the Philippines:


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The United Kingdom!

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Composed by three siblings in the UK, Jamboree has lots of projects of interest to homeschoolers: recipes, crafts, gardening, and real history top the list.


Teen Homeschool Hang

This isn't specifically for the UK, but I stumbled upon it while looking for other sites in the UK and this is really good; it's a site for homeschoolers worldwide!



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free school

An all-volunteer weekly radio show by, for and about un-schoolers
(Now in our sixth year of broadcasting!)

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